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@tila 2013年1月29日下午1:37
Linux bundle?
Has there every been a Linux bundle during winter/summer sales? Is there any hope to have one?
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[LINUX]FinCoder 2013年1月29日下午1:42 
Don't know. Doubt. +1
sounds like a wooosh 2013年1月29日下午2:29 
Well, almost all Linux titles have been on sale during the winter sale. - Most with 75% off I think… As it has been the very first sale since Linux beta there was no chance for that before ;)

So - not exactly a real linux bundle from Steam - but the only game I currently remember that didn't have a reduced price was "Aquaria" - but someone said it once had a doubled price.

Additionally - everyone owning the Indie-Humble Bundle was able to get Steam keys for the games…
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正在显示第 1 - 2 条,共 2 条留言
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