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mp_n00b 1 2013年1月28日 10時47分
CS 1.6, Lagging
Hello There,

I've just installed CS 1.6 and have Many Problems with my Mouse, or the Mouse "Input".

You can look without any Problems, but you can'T shoot very well. Sometimes he shoots, then only 10 Bullets, nothing more, on the second try he shoots nothing etc ...

Have anybody the same issuses?


Mp_n00b 1
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LineaiM. 2013年1月28日 11時51分 
same problem
JukkaN 2013年1月28日 12時40分 
Yeah same here. The game is not yet in a shape where I can comfortably play multiplayer. But I'm sure once it's finished, it'll run better than on Windows.

As of the moment I have problems with aforementioned mouse button input being discarded, AA/AF being forced on, audio delay (switched to PulseAudio, better than ALSA but still present) and unsmooth gameplay overall.
omegadot 2013年1月28日 13時13分 
Mine plays flawlessly.

Had to work on my rates a bit but ended up good at rate 30000, cl_updaterate 101 cl_cmdrate 101 fpsmax 101 and vsync forced off in my AMD control panel.

Also running windowed at 12whatever by whatever in widescreen. Initially I had some input lag when quick switching and reloading. Firing also felt funny but that seemed to go away when I disabled vsync.
omegadot 2013年1月28日 13時15分 
Also had to fiddle with my iwconfig settings a touch, but that's just because my wireless needed some love and care.
JukkaN 2013年1月28日 14時03分 
We may have different conceptions of what is flawless. I've played the game for over 10 years so I'm insisting on keeping mine. I have 100.0 fps all the time and rates that are proven to work.

Which distro you running btw?
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coeseta [Linux] 2013年1月28日 15時08分 
Do you guys use compiz? I had the same problem, I think it was the edge flipping option that made the problems. If you want to test it deactivate "Destop Wall" / "Desktop Cube" and it should work "flawless". You will find these options in ccsm.
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omegadot 2013年1月28日 15時45分 
Mint 32bit. I don't run with any of the compiz stuff on. I avoid any of the compositing black magic. Causes too many annoying problems, even for the sweet spinning cubes. I also don't normally use dual monitors if i'm going to game, I did notice CS really had an issue with that.

I haven't had any of the audio delay issues I read about. I have some Asus card with a CMI8788 chipset per lspci.

I've played since whenever 1.3 came out, I know it was sometime in high school after 2000 something or other. I know how the game is supposed to play. It's a beta on a platform not well known for consistency across configurations so I'm simply giving what I have and my outcome, not get in some e-peen match. I have hardware all a few years old on a stable distro with most of the bells and whistles disabled so it's probably an easier time than some other setups.
Archer 2013年1月28日 18時17分 
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Do you guys use compiz? I had the same problem, I think it was the edge flipping option that made the problems. If you want to test it deactivate "Destop Wall" / "Desktop Cube" and it should work "flawless". You will find these options in ccsm.

The compiz solution fixed my problems. Btw, this affects Half-Life too.
mp_n00b 1 2013年1月29日 7時48分 
Oh Okay,

i run Zotac 6.0 I try it the next days with the compiz Solution!
mp_n00b 1 2013年1月29日 12時59分 

That was the reason! Now i can Play very well :)
Cave Johnson 2013年1月30日 12時21分 
i'm using linux mint .. and i dont have big problems .. counter strike work great with a small resolution for ex. 1924x768, no lag, no loss, max fps 60..
LineaiM. 2013年1月31日 2時22分 
I have linux mint maya 13 and i dont think i have compiz (dunno, if it's installed by defaul), but i do have lags, in netgraph lines are like with techno song.

Route is clear, i am only one connected to the router. In windows ping about 35, in linux about 80 and higher.

What can cause this problem?
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LineaiM. 2013年1月31日 13時44分

can you see the difference between tab latency and that from net_graph? i tried to turn off every desktop effect and no effect ... :-/ Linux mint 64x
axM^ 2013年2月18日 15時48分 
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