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Del Boy 2013年1月26日 10時20分
TF2 Crash on loading resources
It happend when i start game and start to loading resources than crash.
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Del Boy 2013年1月26日 10時39分 
Here is outpost from error
Fred 2013年1月26日 10時40分 
What distribution, graphics processing unit and graphics processing unit driver do you use?
Del Boy 2013年1月26日 10時48分 
Arch Linux i686
Nvidia 550ti
Driver nvidia 313.18-1
Intel E2200 Processor
[Linux]sulman 2013年1月26日 15時13分 
That direct3d line in there - I don't know if that's normal or didn't switch the renderer to D3D did you? I know you can do that in Red Orchestra, and that does break the game.

Failing that it's definitely a seg fault. Did anything change in your system?
Del Boy 2013年1月26日 18時12分 
Hm i didnt changed anything... it didnt work from beggining and that is why i openned this thread to resolve this problem... it was everything by default im nothing changed...
mikesart 2013年1月26日 23時04分 
How much RAM do you have? 2GB? If so, I think we have trouble running under 3 right now...
Del Boy 2013年1月27日 2時09分 
Yes i have 2GB RAM memory, but isn that enough for team fortress 2 ?
最近の変更はDel Boyが行いました; 2013年1月27日 2時10分
1-7 / 7 のコメントを表示
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