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Del Boy 2013年1月26日 10時20分
TF2 Crash on loading resources
It happend when i start game and start to loading resources than crash.
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Del Boy 2013年1月26日 10時39分 
Here is outpost from error
Del Boy 2013年1月26日 10時48分 
Arch Linux i686
Nvidia 550ti
Driver nvidia 313.18-1
Intel E2200 Processor
[Linux]sulman 2013年1月26日 15時13分 
That direct3d line in there - I don't know if that's normal or didn't switch the renderer to D3D did you? I know you can do that in Red Orchestra, and that does break the game.

Failing that it's definitely a seg fault. Did anything change in your system?
Del Boy 2013年1月26日 18時12分 
Hm i didnt changed anything... it didnt work from beggining and that is why i openned this thread to resolve this problem... it was everything by default im nothing changed...
mikesart 2013年1月26日 23時04分 
How much RAM do you have? 2GB? If so, I think we have trouble running under 3 right now...
Del Boy 2013年1月27日 2時09分 
Yes i have 2GB RAM memory, but isn that enough for team fortress 2 ?
最近の変更はDel Boyが行いました; 2013年1月27日 2時10分
1-6 / 6 のコメントを表示
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