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2m4d . f00 |Linux| 26/jan/2013 às 6:31
hud_fastswitch not working in CS Beta
hey all. at first I thought that userconfig.cfg wasn't being executed. but I set net_graph to 1 and saved to userconfig.cfg. after a restart of the game net_graph was still set to 1 and hud_fastswitch still didn't work. any ideas what's going on here?
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ªrturo - 26/jan/2013 às 16:32 
Have you tried setting fast switch in the graphical menu?
Muffinabus 26/jan/2013 às 16:51 
Hmm, my hud_fastswitch seems to work fine and saves between sessions.

Escrito originalmente por mªrty - in ubuntu!:
Have you tried setting fast switch in the graphical menu?

Is the option even in the graphical menu? I couldn't find it for the life of me and had to google the command to turn on fastswitch.
2m4d . f00 |Linux| 27/jan/2013 às 3:44 
at least in the Linux version there is no GUI option available and it has to be set either in the console or in your config. as stated earlier, I have given up trying to get it working and just threw a short script in that does the same thing.
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