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Terminator 2013年1月23日 12時34分
Can't install TF2 in kubuntu, ran out of freespace
I have fresh install kubuntu & 10 gb free space on my disk. wanted to try TF2.
- doubleclick - says "requierd 4g, 9gb is free" - fine seems enough.

But we know that source engine requires more space, in total its needs 12Gb. Have another partition - 30 Gb.
- added "steam library" to my 2nd drive.

!But, on TF2 DONT let me choose "steam lib" (from my 2nd partition), I suppose cause its source based game. So I can't install cause I dont have space & can't chagne install directory.

I have frozensynapse - but It let me choose steamlibrary where to install

I think steam needs better freespace managment of something like that.
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A'h♥le Shitlеr [linux] 2013年1月24日 2時58分 
Or you can manually create a symlink, which works.
Sith 2013年1月27日 1時32分 
Fred の投稿を引用:
Team Fortress 2 has not yet been converted to the new content system. Installing to another location is not yet available for this game.
Valve should do that asap. It's a very useful feature.
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