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malthus 2013年1月20日 13時47分
Downloads don't start
Using steam on Ubuntu 12.10. Client runs fine and big picture mode works too. However the four items listed in my library: Braid, LIMBO, LUME, and Psychonauts don't download. The install button just flips to play instantly and ~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/%gamename% is just an empty folder
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sounds like a wooosh 2013年1月20日 14時03分 
All these games that you mention are not listed in the shop under

There are more of them - and they currently don't work under native Linux. - find more infos here in the forums!

malthus 2013年1月20日 21時29分 
Your correct. Those games do not have a linux port. Amnesia did download for me after it magically popped into my library after I rebooted. I'll put in a bug report for the other games.
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