Steam for Linux

Steam for Linux

[LINUX]FinCoder Jan 19, 2013 @ 11:29am
It looks quite promising to linux users.

I have installed newest Playonlinux interface, newest wine with newest steam and ati drivers.

With a hack to the wine registery and after that I am able to play the game. Some issue with reading my hardware, even it's cabaple of the features requested.

But there is a strange issue, if I change the screenresolution lover than 1920x1080 the screen goes blank.

Another issue is with the multicore enabled the frames lag, but disabling the feature the game runs smooth.

But the game itself feels ready.

We just need a porrt to linux.
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Bucky Jan 19, 2013 @ 12:06pm 
They're making a native version of Source that will run under Linux, rather than using a bunch of libraries and an interface to go between.
They've stated why in the FAQ.
Originally posted by [Linux:
Why not just use Wine?
Wine forces the usage of Win32 or Win64 DLLs which aren't, themselves, native to Linux. Because of this, the "native" windows experience isn't actually native and, moreover, actually introduces inconsistency and vulnerability to your machine WHILE using more resources than a native port. It also creates a pseudo-filesystem to function between the Win32 structure (C:\) and the traditional *nix structure (/*) which creates undue messiness that many linux users dislike.
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