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mr.null 2013年1月18日 17時21分
a few games that should be listed for linux on steam
the original unreal, UT99 and UT2K4 all have native linux ports
maybe those files should be included in the steam version?
i have tryed the native unreal gold build and i get "segmentation fault (core dump)" [downloaded a patch from, win bin works perfectly, for some reason the win exe providied by steam just sends me to the store page for unreal insted of running the game]
havnt tryed native builf of UT99 or UT2K4 yet, but loki soft provided an installer for the windows retail disc of UT99, and UT2K4 came with a linux build from day one

side note: yes i am running linux, i'm also running the windows build of steam via linux since its the only way i can gain access to the other 100+ game that i have the dont run under linux natively
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s.plisskin [Archlinux] 2013年1月18日 19時36分 
It's also a pity all the humble indie bundle games i bought do not have linux versions on steam. I originally downloaded all the linux verions, but of course unable to have them in steam because they aren't released for steam even though i have the stream keys. Something they need to work on. :)
mr.null 2013年1月18日 23時29分 
def, theres a heap of linux ports out there that they could have listed already on here, i mean in the ubuntunu software center they have 3 that i can think of, limbo, braid, bastion
braid and limbo are in beta testing? yet u can buy a fully working version of them for linux already? lol, plus all the indie dev's who have made ports of many diff games, im pretty sure they would mind in there bin's were included with the games as long as they got acknolagement for the work they did :)
e633 2013年1月19日 1時59分 
Of course this is a great idea and there should be no need to even mention it: people should flock to steam (on linux)! This is the place where old games can be reborn! It's a shame that developers stop caring about their games just because of the passing of time.
mr.null 2013年1月19日 2時14分 
i wish the dev's would serously think about doing linux ports for there games, because it also allows them the chance to exploer a whole new market ontop of steam, that being android, since android is based on linux, if they make a linux port of there games, part of the work is already done thus allowing them the chance to see how it would work on the high end droid devices, and if they already have an android versio of there game(dungeon defenders) then it should be pretty simple for them to make a linux port as well
e633 2013年1月19日 2時28分 
Ignorance is bliss i guess...
ghost 2013年1月19日 3時38分 
It's still in Beta. These devs are probably waiting for the official and stable version of Steam before they start selling their games on it.
mr.null 2013年1月19日 4時38分 
yeah, true, but still, if there game is stable why not put it into the beta so it help the steam client become more stable, and able to support more games? if u ask me this is the best time for dev's to get there linux port into steam, so they can work out all of the steam client bugs with all games that run natively on linux now insted of later
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rudeboyskunk 2013年1月19日 6時22分 
guys ask the developers of the games these questions, and please, when they give you an answer, post it here so everyone can see
DarkStarSword 2013年1月21日 19時45分 
Also, just because a Linux port exists for a game doesn't mean the dev would want to put it directly on Steam as is - plenty of those ports had their SteamWorks integration ripped out during the port (I don't think this applies to UT2004 etc, but it does apply to a lot of the games from the HIB), so the devs will want to combine the SteamWorks support from their Windows build with all the fixes they did for the Linux port.

Depending on how well they used their revision control system and how much the two (or more) code bases diverged that may not be a trivial task, and may be even harder if a third party did the port.
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NA 2013年2月10日 22時58分 
Source SDK with Base 2006 and 2007.
I really want to be able to play existing Source mods!
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Striker The Hedgefox 2013年2月27日 2時30分 
Unreal Tournament 2004 really needs it's linux port brought onto steam. It's the one thing keeping me from switching.
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