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=FU_T=δψϖϑΩ 2013年1月14日 21時08分
steam folder
i added a folder to a steam , but when i try to install game its still want to install in to my home partition witch is to small
so bsically i cannot isntall test anything because i cannot istall team fortress 2 cuz no space xD i got space on nts partitions i use to storage files between systems but cannot isntall there cuz steam dont alow me to wff i put proper folder in steam xD and its dont realize it can us eit
and also after steam instalation gtk in my chrome its a bit broked each time i hover over something it looks lie popart around menus
im using kde
最近の変更は=FU_T=δψϖϑΩが行いました; 2013年1月14日 21時31分
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Hirage 2013年1月15日 3時36分 
Symlink the Steam installation directory to the other partition.
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