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Mattrick 2013年1月14日 5時11分
Switching between Linux/Windows causes games to update
Mostsly these are only 1-100 mb updates per game, but sometimes I got message that executable file is corrupted and have to download whole game once again. Has anybody encountered something similar?
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ToTeX_Baked 2013年1月14日 5時14分 
do you shut your pc down normaly or just hold the power button?. haha
Mattrick 2013年1月14日 5時15分 
It's not related to shutdown. As long as I update game and play on one OS, it's ok. When only I switch to the other, I get corrupted files and have to update.
最近の変更はMattrickが行いました; 2013年1月14日 5時24分
Seph//roth || Linux 2013年1月14日 5時22分 
are you using the same path for steam on both windows and linux?
Mattrick 2013年1月14日 5時23分 
My Windows Steam is installed on H:\Steam, while the one on Ubuntu has 2 games directory: one native in my home dir and second added manually, pointing to H:\Steam. No symlinks were used. :P
Seph//roth || Linux 2013年1月14日 5時29分 
well its just installing the OS specific data to play your games... you will need seperate installs if you dont want it to dl a little bit when you change systems. i use symlinks for windows/wine (except for valve games, dont seem to work for me on symlink) and linux has its own lil place on my partition
最近の変更はSeph//roth || Linuxが行いました; 2013年1月14日 5時29分
Mattrick 2013年1月14日 5時29分 
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