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Fred 2013年1月13日下午4:19
Main device is headset speakers, yet Steam voice chat comes through regular speakers
As the title says.

Everything adheres fine, and Team Fortress 2 sound and in-game voice chat comes through my speakers.

I just called an individual on Steam, and the voice chat decides to ignore my main device and come through my regular speakers.

Anyway to resolve this, or why Steam is not picking up my main device?
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MuZeVII 2013年2月13日上午7:50 
Same problem for me. Any solutions?
Fred 2013年2月13日上午8:12 
For some reason it has been resolved on my side. I believe you have to make sure you do not switch primary devices once you boot up your system. Then it should pick up your device just fine.

If that does not help, try looking for help here:
MuZeVII 2013年2月13日下午4:31 
Figured it out. Go into your sound devices and highlight your headset. On the "set default" button, click the drop down arrow and make sure "default communication device" is selected. I hope this solves your problem!
MuZeVII 2013年2月13日下午4:32 
Thanks for the reply though!
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