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realill 2013년 1월 12일 오전 4시 55분
Ubuntu 64 and Flash video
I do run Ubuntu 64 and my Steam does not support video. It tells me that I need to install flash plugin and gives me Windows-like instructions.

It seems like I need to install libflash for 32 platform(since steam is 32 bit app), but there are not specific instructions anywhere. Probably if there will be 64 steam version then this will be resolved automatically.

I belive this need to be resolved.
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Aza 2013년 1월 12일 오전 5시 05분 
There is a temporary fix, you'll need to download the tar.gz 32 bit version of flash from that above link and from that place the in ~/home/(user)/steam/ubuntu12_32/plugins folder. If plugins folder does not exist (like mine didn’t) just create it and place it in there, Seems to be the only fix i could find.
realill 2013년 1월 13일 오전 8시 19분 
Thanks for the tip, I will try that.
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