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Papfox 2013年1月9日 16時35分
[BUG] Steam unable to launch after going offline

This evening I put Steam into offline mode as a network policy at work prevented the server connection. I shut my machine down after playing Solar 2 and went home.

Now I'm home, I tried to start Steam and I can't. I get the error "Fatal Error: Steam needs to be online to update but was set to offline mode." The Steam UI never opens so I can't take it out of offline mode. I'm on the latest version 9updated today). I appear to be stuffed.

Any ideas please?

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warfares 2013年1月10日 4時06分 

Edit this file:


and set (change) the value

"Offline" to "0"

Papfox 2013年1月10日 4時34分 

Thank you. That fixed it. I also deleted the ~/.steam/ file, just to make sure.

I'm back running again.

Dan10254 2013年1月13日 12時49分 
I just set offline to 0 and got it running again.
Sam 2013年1月14日 15時59分 
Thank you warfares.
Poss 2013年3月5日 5時17分 
Thankyou warfares, steam really doesn't do offline well.
zxc 2014年6月7日 18時24分 
hi i have the same error on my another acc
but i cant find the registry file anyone help me
Fibbles 2014年6月8日 9時53分 
The file is located at (~ is shorthand for your home folder):


The steam folder is hidden, so you'll need to enable the viewing of hidden files and folders within your file browser options. Alternatively you can open a terminal window and type:

gedit ~/.steam/registry.vdf

(You may need to replace 'gedit' with the name of the text editor you have installed.)
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Lantain 2014年6月9日 6時11分 
Hi, my steam can't restore connection after going offline. I can't find "Offline" option in my registry.vdf, but it also has "AlreadyRetriedOfflineMode" and its value "0". What can I do to fix this bug?
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