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Spewed 2013 01 月 9 @ 2:02下午
Black Ops 2 for Linux
I've went to the Treyarch forums and requested that Call of Duty: Black Ops II be ported over to Linux. If you guys would like to would like to help me, and leave a comment requesting it would be much appreciated. I believe the more vocal the community becomes about certain games the more inclined they will feel to port a game over to Linux for STEAM.
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Qydfac 2013 01 月 9 @ 2:05下午 
omg serious? (.sarcasm.)
ProChaser [Linux] 2013 01 月 9 @ 2:44下午 
You can begin with adding the [Linux] tag to your nick ;)
Touch My Box 2013 01 月 9 @ 3:05下午 
I doubt forum posts will convince Acivision to port the CoD franchise over. What will convince them is valve releasing the steam box.

Or perhaps if they see some success from the unannounced port of a Blizzard game.
Bruno Cabral [Linux] 2013 01 月 9 @ 3:48下午 
Added Linux tag
Col.Burke [Linux] 2013 01 月 9 @ 4:40下午 
ProChaser Linux 發表:
You can begin with adding the [Linux] tag to your nick ;)

he could start by posting a link to the forum
xXToYeDXx 2013 01 月 9 @ 5:24下午 
Activision and the development studios they own have not listened to their customers since 2006.

On top of this, and I think this is the more important point, Activision has a number of exclusivity deals with Microsoft for their Xbox 360 console.

They will not port their CoD franchise to linux. However various CoD PC titles are working rather nicely with Wine. Still buggy here and there but it's the best you can hope for with CoD. Until all the contracts are up and Activision refuses to renew the terms, we won't see official linux support for any of their games.
Furyhunter 2013 01 月 9 @ 11:00下午 
We can all hope, but we know it's not going to happen. Sorry.
gutigen o) 2013 01 月 10 @ 12:28上午 
It all depends on how succeful Steambox is gonna be. If Kotik will be able to squize more cash from Linux ports then from M$ exclusives, we will see Kotikvision ports :)
miezoo 2013 01 月 10 @ 3:04上午 
I'd be glad. to see bo2 to be ported to linux and any CoD.
mattyy1hp |Debian/Linux| 2013 01 月 10 @ 4:17上午 
They has already ported some games to OSX

Shouldn't be too hard to start porting their games to Linux.
I like COD, but I have no reason to buy it if I have to install Windows for it.
Touch My Box 2013 01 月 10 @ 12:11下午 
Their OSX ports are shining examples of how ports should not be handled though.
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