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Riful 8. led. 2013 v 4.47 dop.
Letters scrambled or missing

I managed to run steam under gentoo. and it seems to be working fairly well up till the login screen and 1 or 2 errors. (missing texts for errors are "DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.N-" and "no system implementation" of network manager... i hope i don't need to have that installed for steam to work?)

anyways, as you can see the text on all the menu buttons are scrambled, if i go to login as an existing user and type in username and password, the letters i type will not show at all (not even the ********) but i could make it read the steam license agreement thing.

Is this just a case of missing fonts? if so... which ones?
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Riful 8. led. 2013 v 5.21 dop. 
I found out the missing font was liberation-fonts-2.00 which i got by installing adobe-flash player 11. i am now on my linux steam client =D its working!
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