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AmuroRay 2013年1月3日 19時48分
Steam works on ArchLinux with OpenBox WM
Just managed to install Steam for Linux on an Arch system. The only sad thing is only 3 games in my library are playable. Gonna stick with wine until more games become available for linux. And I couldn't find any option for posting a screenshot. Where is it?
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kozec 2013年1月4日 20時44分 
Hmm... shouldn't it work?
In that case, it works on Arch with compiz as well ;)

Screenshot key can be set in menu Steam->Settings, tab IN-GAME, it defaults to F12. That may conflict with your WM, in that case, just set it to something else.
最近の変更はkozecが行いました; 2013年1月4日 20時45分
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