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HATE 2012年12月29日上午7:24
Killing Floor How to change the language ?
How to change the language to Russian?
Change in killingfloor.ini not help
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bobebubab 2012年12月29日上午9:46 
corrigo 2013年4月19日下午1:29 
+1 too

It's been months since the game has been released on Linux, and we still can't change the language, please, update the game.
Oncotic 2013年4月19日下午4:29 
In steam under Killing Floor, select properties > Language. In the drop down menu select your language. It may require downloading the game again.

Or does this not work? I remember I switched mine from Spanish to English and it worked for me.
corrigo 2013年4月21日上午2:11 
Nope, i tried many things (see here : )
The Linux version is english only, even i changed the language in properties.
最后由 corrigo 编辑于; 2013年4月21日上午2:11
Анимал Инстўнкт 2013年7月13日上午7:08 at this webpage is polish locale to KF.
And works, so i think exist trick to run game in other language.
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