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Alopex 2012年12月22日 19時22分
[FEATURE SUGGESTION] WINE Menu for unportable/unwilling games
I'm just tossing this out there - but what if we had a menu of a few Windows games and a Linux-specific, configurable WINE wrapper for each of them? We'd add support for more Windows games in a tacky fashion, but it could help better establish Linux in the gaming community.

I think Valve might have to deny official support for it though, given the tricky nature of games run under WINE. What do you all think?
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Bavarin Fleetfoot 2012年12月22日 20時02分 
I was just saying this exact thing to a friend the other day. Valve could certainly add this while still stating clearly that they do not officially support those games, and could refer folks to the WineHQ Database for any issues they may have. It would certainly be a convenience for those of us who have actually purchased Windows games for use on WINE.
scix 2012年12月22日 22時19分 
They just need to stress that it isn't "first-class" support and that bugs/issues should be posted on winehq, rather than in steam support. In addition, they could help contribute to wine as well by posting bug reports, and maybe even have a few developers contribute code to wine.
scix 2012年12月22日 22時20分 
And by contribute code, I mean Valve developers themselves, but perhaps they are spread a bit too thin to do this. It would be nice, though.
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SUSEd 2012年12月22日 22時25分 
Suggestions and requests nned to post in Feature Requests subforum.
Alopex 2012年12月23日 10時27分 
shished の投稿を引用:
Suggestions and requests nned to post in Feature Requests subforum.

Understood. I somehow missed this subforum, despite intentionally looking for such a thing. Thank you for pointing me towards it.
rudeboyskunk 2012年12月23日 16時03分 
There is already a thread for this in the Feature Requests forum and it's several pages long. Please do a search next time instead of making a new post.
Alopex 2012年12月23日 17時43分 
Crikey, I completely failed this one. Internet, forgive my lack of netiquette.
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