Steam for Linux

Steam for Linux

gustavwiz Dec 21, 2012 @ 9:28am
Disk Space
I have Windows and Ubuntu on my computer.

When i try to install TF2 It comes up that i have not enough disk space. I went to steam > settings > DOWNLOADS + CLOUD > STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS and maked a nother folder in /host. It says that i have 368 GB free space there and 5 GB free space in the default folder.

But when i try to install TF2 again it still says "You do not have enough disk space"

What should i do?
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I have the same problem. Could be that your Linux partition is too small. When I tried doing Steam with wine and PlayOnLinux, I read that you can mount your Windows partition and link to your Windows steamapps folder from Linux, but I can't seem to find the steamapps directory.
I don't think we're interested in wine, here...

i think what gustavwiz and I need to figure out is how to tell steam to install it in the new folder we just created...
as binlad3n said: "You should be able to just move your ~/.steam folder to /host/steam for example and start steam. It will complain that it can't find your content data or something and will offer you to search for it. In the upcoming dialog, select /host/steam or wherever you put it and you should be good to go."
worked like a charm for me.
though the original problem is still open...
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