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Can't add WINE games into game library
I would like to have the steam overlay on my WINE-based games, unfortunately adding the shortcut to Steam doesn't work properly. Does anybody know a workaround or fix for this issue? Thanks :)
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I don't know how to use the overlay on non-steam games, but I am able to add wine games and other non-steam games.

First method: On the first time I tried to add a non steam game I created a .desktop file for the game:
[Desktop Entry]

Saved as xonotic.desktop. Now go to "Add a non-steam game to my library", select browse and navigate to the file. I am not sure if I really need to keep the file in the same directory as the game but I did it.

The second method worked for wine:
Just add anything using the "add a game" window. Then just right click on the game or app you added and go to properties. Now do something like this:

wine "~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/StarCraft/StarCraft.exe"
Start in:
wine "~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/StarCraft/"

This method probably works for linux native non-steam games too.
medv4380 29/jan/2013 às 13:03 
Method 1 doesn't work under Ubuntu 12.10 64bit. Method 2 has some weird leak. First game I added was Sims 3 Under Wine using and environment flag to choose the wine Install. Worked Fine. Added Diablo 3 which has a different wine install, but when launching it Sims 3 comes up. Added Neverwinter Nights which is the Native Linux Client, and Sims 3 comes up. There is some sort of leak that Method 2 trips over, and is probably why method 1 doesn't work. However, when it works the Overlay does not work for me. I suspect because I'm in Unity and Cannot use a Virtual Desktop and not have the Unity Bar force itself to the top when the game goes full screen.
Doggybag 10/fev/2013 às 17:59 
Thanks, I was able to get method #2 to work for me under Fedora 17 / KDE4 (which was probably a bad choice for setting up games, but I never want to see Ubuntu's Unity desktop again). I was trying out a wine install on an external drive so I have something like:

Starcraft II

WINEPREFIX=/media/usb-mydrivewinedows /usr/bin/wine C:\\games\\Starcraft\ II\\Starcraft\ II.exe

Start in:
/media/usb-mydrive/games/Starcraft\ II

Method #1 didn't work for me. KDE/plasma doesn't seem to use the ~/Desktop in a way that allowed me to do that correctly and I didn't bother playing around with it under the gnome desktops.
TheCherry 2/dez/2015 às 8:04 
Method #2 dont work for me.
Is there any log to watch out the errors?
Schotty 4/dez/2015 às 1:26 
I create .desktop files for each title and plop them into  ~/.local/share/applications
Now they show up in GNOME3 and in steam. I can fire up any PlayOnLinux or Crossover Linux (CX plops them into the aforementioned folder automatically) Title as well as Java apps like Minecraft or FeedTheBeast.
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