Steam for Linux

Steam for Linux

hardfalcon Dec 11, 2012 @ 6:53pm
Other distros and vendors than those listed in the survey?
Dear Valve folks, you might wanna add some free text fields to your survey.

2 reasons for this:

1.) Distros: There seems to be quite a bunch of Archlinux users around, for example. As package versions on Archlinux tend to be several months (sometimes even more than a year) ahead of the package versions on most other distros, these users could turn out to be valuable testers for detecting problems with new software releases quite some time before those problems affect the mainstream customers on Ubuntu and other distros.

2.) There are more GPU vendors than ust NVidia, ATI or Intel. I am, for example, using a VIA VX900. I'd of course prefer a nice GeForce, but I wanted a power saving nettop with a low power consumption and hardware accelerated cryptography support, so I chose VIA over the "conventional" vendors.
Turns out the GPU is actually fast enough to play World of Goo and similar stuff, so it surely won't harm to extend your testbed a little...
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_hx Dec 12, 2012 @ 6:30am 
to 1.
Valve already extended the Beta to non Ubuntu users.

to 2.
Of course there are other GPU vendors than the listed in the survey, but they are focused on the mainstream of the user base.
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