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Hizeph 2012년 12월 10일 오전 10시 33분
[Solved] Fatal Error: Failed to load
I'm trying to run Steam on Fedora 17 x86_64, but during the installation, i get this:
Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1354925460_client)
Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1354925460_client)
and the link on /home/myuser/.steam/bin64 is broken because de .local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_64 doesn't exist.
Someone got any ideas?
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eliteSchaf 2012년 12월 10일 오전 11시 31분 
Are the 32bit libraries installed? On Ubuntu i had to install "ia32-libs" to make it work.
Seems like they missed a dependency
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Hizeph 2012년 12월 11일 오후 4시 18분 
I just got a repo for Fedora, and it installed those 32 bits libs as a dependencies, guess it was the problem! Thanks
DNStorage 2012년 12월 18일 오후 1시 18분 
Thanks for the solution. installing "ia32-libs" worked for me. Xubuntu 12.04.1.
lushb0x 2012년 12월 22일 오전 11시 03분 
Hey if it's not to much trouble what was the repo that you used for Fedora?
Hizeph 2012년 12월 22일 오후 2시 01분 
Create a file like "steam.repo" with this content:

# Place this file in your /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory

name=Steam RPM packages (and dependencies) for Fedora
jyoung546 2012년 12월 26일 오후 2시 40분 
I have Ubuntu 12.10 installed on an HP dv6-7014 with a GT-650m Optimus (bumblebee installed). To fix this error I followed the instructions in this thread.
choucroute 2012년 12월 28일 오후 11시 51분 
I fixed this error on Debian Wheezy (amd64) with export LD_PRELOAD=${HOME}/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/ before running steam

EDIT: fix is incorrect, the proper solution is to upgrade /usr/lib32/ so the symbol gdk_window_get_screen is present (this was due to my ia32-libs-gtk package being from squeeze, and thus too old)
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lushb0x 2013년 1월 2일 오후 12시 46분 
Yeah but fedora is different , it lacks a lot of the libraries that Debian has. Plus it's not a noob distro like Ubuntu you have to compile the steam beta from source.
blackout24 2013년 1월 2일 오후 1시 00분 
There is no source available for the Steam Client. Repackagin a deb file is far from "compiling it from source" it's more like extracting a zip file and repackaging it as a rar file so it can be registered in the local package manager...
lushb0x 2013년 1월 3일 오후 12시 17분 
Have you looked around? I'm not talking about a deb file. That's like a bit rpm
lushb0x 2013년 1월 3일 오후 12시 23분 
P.S the repos that are stated in this discussion are out dated and don't work anymore.
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