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Cannot join server/crash on map load, etc - [Superthread]
This appears to be a really common issue but unfortunately people all seem to be making their own posts about it instead of putting common issues in one thread so they're easy to find by the people at Valve.

If you have this issue, please post it here. Below are a handful of the ones I found that match my own problem at least partially or completely.

Originally posted by viperpiper:

(Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit on a Dell Latitude D830 laptop)

TF2 lanches to the menu, and I'm able to select a game mode, but halfway through loading a game (or training), typically at "loading resources" the game exits. I don't get a crash reported, and there are no core files produced to /tmp/dumps.
Originally posted by YamaLamaHerdsCorgis:
Running Mint 13. Steam installs and runs flawlessly. TF2 installs and boots up ok. Can play offline with bots with no problems whatsoever. Whenever I try to join (any) server though, it freezes on 'getting server info' and I have to kill the process. Doesn't matter if it's stock maps or not, it freezes even on valve servers. Any advice would be appreciated.

Not that it matters since it runs fine in offline practice mode, but I'm using a GTS 450 running Nvidia driver version 304.48, AMD processor, 8 gigs ram. I can include more info about kernel versions etc. if necessary
Originally posted by AntimaterialOne:
Hi all,
When I try to connect to any tf2 server it freezes, all linux system freezes and after 10 minutes it drops me to desktop like nothing happened. What I should do?
Originally posted by Paper PRo:
Hello, my current system is an e8400, 2gigs ram, 9800gt, on Linux Mint 13 32-bit cinnamon. I just installed TF2 with absolutely no problems. Everything works fine, but when i try to connect to any server at all, the loading bar stops at exactly 15 "bars" everytime and the entire system hangs. I cant even do Ctrl+Alt+F1 and then use top to kill the process as it does absolutely nothing on it. The only way to save my system is launch a terminal (if it can) and sudo xkill it. Anyhelp on this would be great as i see tons of other people playing this game already :( Thanks! [/quote
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