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ldfarms 2012年12月9日 5時39分
Steam Client locks up and consumes 100% CPU
After a while of down loading a game of just letting the client run it will lock up and consume over 100% of the CPU.
MAINTHRD is the process.
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Netham45 2012年12月9日 5時43分 
I'm having the same issue, I have to kill it to get it to get out of it. Running a clean install of Ubuntu 12.10 x64, trying to install TF2.

i7-920QM, 8GB Ram, 240m w/ 1GB vram
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Netham45 2012年12月9日 6時09分 
ltodoto の投稿を引用:
Known issue
We're having the issue without TF2 running, I can't even get TF2 downloaded.
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