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Santa Claus 2012年12月5日 12時36分
Public presenttion of Steam Linux Client
This weekend there will be a Hungarian Free Open SOurce Conference in Hungary. One of my friend is going to give a lecture about Gaming possibilities on Linux. He introduce native games, wine gaming, etc. Is it allowed to me to present the next big step forward in the Linux gaming era: the Steam to the public audience? If not it is fine for us, but the attendees is very interested in Linux, OS, and gaming too.
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blackout24 2012年12月5日 12時40分 
Presenting software that is in beta phase is not a good idea generally.
8 Dimensional Octagon 2012年12月5日 14時21分 
I would, just to be safe, make sure offline works, then not connect your computer to the internet at all between your testing and the lecture, if you want to do this. Otherwise, yes, I agree with
Hyper_Eye 2012年12月5日 22時04分 
Did you agree to any type of NDA when you joined beta? Check the TOS. If it does not specifically bar you from showing the client in a public setting then you should be able to show it. You would have agreed to any imposed restrictions upon joining.
Antimon 2012年12月6日 2時28分 
How should this not be possible? Valve published the client to everyone on the Internet and therefore you may run it on your computer. If people are watching while you're running the software and talking about its possibilities this doesn't change anything, does it?

I don't agree that using beta software in a presentation is not a good idea. This always depends on what you intend to show. During my studies in computer science this was completely common because we often presented prototypes and were rather interested in showing technological concepts than finished products.
Bronsky 2012年12月6日 2時44分 
I'm not sure if Steam fits in a "Free open source" conference
ThOR27 2012年12月6日 2時56分 
Exactly it doesn't fit at all a Free/Open Software conference if you think about Steam itself.

But if you think that Steam is improving Intel Open Source video card, it will make the Open Source SDL improve and move faster, and make the Linux free and open operating system more popular, so yes, it fits in a Free/Open conference.

But I'm pretty sure Richard Stallman won't agree with me, anyway....
axeolin 2012年12月6日 3時07分 
Bronsky Proko の投稿を引用:
I'm not sure if Steam fits in a "Free open source" conference

Well, if that was an issue, neither - for the most part, would gaming.
rudeboyskunk 2012年12月6日 5時24分 
ThOR27 の投稿を引用:
But I'm pretty sure Richard Stallman won't agree with me, anyway....

Not sure he agrees much with anybody.
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