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antoine8994 2012年12月2日 7時23分
Test of the differents Desktop interfaces on SS3 BFE
I use the X.ORG driver on ubuntu 12.10 X64.
My graphic card is radeon hd 6850 and my cpu AMD FX 6100.

I have realised a direct test on the game (running on low profile)

Test with LXDE :

7-22 FPS
often 7-14 FPS

Test with KDE :

8-22 FPS
Often 11.5-18 FPS

Test with Unity :

2-17 FPS
Often 4-9 FPS

I want to test with Gnome but Steam don't launch on it.
I think actually, KDE is the best interface but LXDE is a good solution for low ram and CPU systems.

Sorry for my bad english but i'm french.

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Mikolaj 2012年12月3日 8時52分 
What about XFCE? On my system it's on par with KDE when I turn off the compositing...
antoine8994 2012年12月3日 9時06分 
I want to test it in the next days. Just have to be patient.
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