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Janhouse 2013年5月22日下午1:22
Possible source engine frame rate change fix (if it constantly goes down and up again)
For some time I could not understand what is causing the change in framerate.

I'm running ArchLinux on MacBook Air (Intel graphics).

So I started writing a bug report in GitHub, when I reallized it could be caused by changing CPU frequency.

I set the governor to "userspace" and the frequency to maximum my CPU supports 1.6GHz and I don't have that problem anymore. After I exit the game, I set it back to "ondemand".

It would be cool if it could be fixed in the engine so you would not have to do the steps I mentioned.
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-FwG- ^ Bucky 2013年5月22日下午4:14 
+1 for automatic CPU underclocking adjustment. :P
That is if I understood the post correctly, pretty sure I did.
SUSEd 2013年5月22日下午10:29 
CPU governor must be 'performance', 'userspace' works different.
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