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[Linux]zack_blade 2013年5月10日下午11:01
Will beta games and beta games save's transfer to the original game at end of beta?
If I install HL2 (beta) now, will I have to start over when the non-beta is released? Or vill it update and "convert" to the stable?
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gattobb 2013年5月11日上午12:30 
I'm going to water hazard a guess and say they will.
mattyy1hp 2013年5月11日上午12:37 
Don't worry. Saves are automatically uploaded to the Steam Cloud service.
CompanionTube 2013年5月11日上午4:05 
left for dead 2 beta and team fortress 2 beta have different app id numbers so for those two I'd hazard an educated guess and say no...

the ones that don't have a separate beta like portal and half life 2 will more than likely carry over your saves and achievements
[Linux] timopm 2013年5月11日上午4:13 
Like RandomWeeJ says, there's a diiference between an actual beta version of the game, like L4D2 beta and TF beta, and a beta version of a game that's being ported, indicated as beta like this: (beta)
✪ Seph//roth 2013年5月11日上午4:13 
There are 2 different types of beta, single player betas are for solely for linux and one would hope that save games will be transfered over, however their multiplayer betas for tf2 and l4d2 are betas for different mechanics and such and is completely different install.
最后由 ✪ Seph//roth 编辑于; 2013年5月11日上午4:14
[Linux] timopm 2013年5月11日上午7:01 
It has nothing to do with single or multiplayer. See DoD:S, HL2:dm or CS:S.
✪ Seph//roth 2013年5月11日上午11:47 
i said the multiplayer for tf2 and l4d2, not css or hl2dm
NA 2013年5月11日下午3:56 
Hey, Just beware. I had a problem with this playing Half-Life 1, and lost a ton of progress. It turned out that this is a known issue with SteamCloud that is still unresolved.

[Half-Life] SteamCloud failing to sync saves (<-- mine)

Saved games dont sync (<-- current tracking)

It looks like someone reported that it's working now, with Steam beta. I'm personally waiting for proof that it works out of beta before I start Half-Life over again.
最后由 NA 编辑于; 2013年5月11日下午3:59
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