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/>yummypixza_ 2013年5月9日 18時14分
Is that possible to enable/port Source SDK Base installation on Linux?
First, glad to see HL2 ~ HL:EP2 coming to Linux!
and because of this reason, i just tried to put some mods in, but it seems playing mods is still not workable on Linux...
tried Nightmare House 2 and Black Mesa:Source, same steps as Windows do (put under /steam/Steamapps/SourceMods), can see entrys but do nothing when click on play button.
if Linux version can enable mod playing soon, it must be another great improvement.

* SDK base in tools section is still says 'not available on your platform', but hey! we got whole Orange Box! btw, i can still see the SDK base gcf file in Steamapps folder.
* not a native English speaker, sorry if I write too dumb :P
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Seph//roth || Linux 2013年5月10日 1時57分 
i really wanna play BMS on linux :P
Hardtimes 2013年5月10日 2時51分 
Just posted about this wrt Portal. Steam is calling the Windows exe for both goldsrc and source games. Workaround is a symlink. For Goldsrc mods, edits are needed in liblist.gam. For Source mods, edits to gameinfo.txt are needed. In either case, if the mod includes game/client dlls or other bin files it's not going to work unless the author ports.
最近の変更はHardtimesが行いました; 2013年5月10日 2時53分
TheSniperFan 2013年5月10日 4時43分 
The SDK Base(s) come with sourcecode. If a mod uses this code (Black Mesa, Nightmare House 2,...) to add stuff, it needs to be recompiled for Linux and thus Valve needs to provide everything that is necessary for the process.
Otherwise you're stuck with the useless "client.dll" and "server.dll".
Hardtimes 2013年5月10日 4時53分 
Here is what I did to get a Portal mod working.
最近の変更はHardtimesが行いました; 2013年5月10日 4時53分
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