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|NAC²| D.Cent 2013年5月6日 10時13分
Finally, TF2 is loading fast!
I always suffered from long loading times (2-3 minutes +), but with the SteamPipe update, I can load e.g. Goldrush within 10 seconds (thanks to my SSD, which I also used before but did not give me any speed advantage).

Has anyone made similar experiences?

Valve: Thank you for this improvement!
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Ve ♥ 2013年5月6日 10時32分 
I feel an improvement in loading time but nothing that drastic. Maybe it loads 50-100% faster for me. I've always been able to load a map in less than 20 seconds using SSD.
Enemtee 2013年5月6日 11時38分 
Myself, I can start the game, but I can't click with my mouse anywhere, no buttons in-game are giving me any feedback.
Pond Scum 2013年5月6日 13時15分 
even with my ♥♥♥♥ hard rive I notice a difference connecting to servers
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