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✪ Seph//roth 2013年5月4日下午2:44
L4D2 Mic Issue
My mic isnt working in l4d2, all other source games and within the steam overlay the mic is fine, and i can hear myself, l4d2 options/test there is no sound, and using voice_loopback 1 ingame there is no mic output. using a logitech g930 headset, ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64.... dont think other details are relevent
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Noname 2013年5月4日下午11:57 
I have the same problem, lets follow it here:
✪ Seph//roth 2013年5月5日上午12:52 
thx for link
Shtirliz72 2013年5月6日上午11:08 
same here. OpenSUSE 12.3 x64 KDE 4.10.2. Pulseaudio. Logitech C920.
CANNONFODDER 2013年8月18日下午12:56 
Same here. Use a USB headset (Logitech G-35). Mic works in Steam's audio setup, but not in L4D2's audio configuration screen. Works in anything else in Linux. How long til a solution?
icecoldhaterade \\DzG// 2013年8月18日下午7:05 
as far as i know no ones mic works in left for dead 2 on linux its been listed on git hub for 4 months now
最后由 icecoldhaterade \\DzG// 编辑于; 2013年8月18日下午7:06
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