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slr 1. kvě. 2013 v 4.01 odp.
do any of you get the error "no internet connection" while being connected ;)
Just noticed that when I start TFT2 it wants to convert data files, but fails at
trying to download with the reason that is has no internet connection.
But I am on internet via WIFI and the rest of steam seems to work.
Then I thought I found a workaround on some internet forum to remove and re-install TFT2,
but installing also complains.. :(
Then I got the idea that it might try eth0 iso my wlan0, so i took a 10m UTP cable to be
able to reach a router and voila.. it works now.
I like the fact that steam is trying to make linux work, but could they alteast hire better
programmers, because this is really a joke right. ;)
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Dmaster4391 3. kvě. 2013 v 12.46 dop. 
I'm Using A Mac And Same Here It Says Something About Converting TF2, Just Contact Steam Support.
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