STiAT 8. huhti, 2013 6.40
[Steam] Exit to System Tray.
1. Give us the oportunity to have the behaviour of Windows - Closing minimizes to the tray icon and removes the taskbar entry.
2. It is already only in tray when I start Steam in the BigPicture mode, an exit the BigPicture mode lateron. Though, if I reopen the window, I get the taskbar entry again.
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instabilis 8. huhti, 2013 7.15 
Which desktop environment are you using?
STiAT 8. huhti, 2013 13.35 
At the moment KDE, but as long as they've implemented the standards, it shouldn't be of any concern which DE I'm using.
barsanuphe le sec 8. huhti, 2013 13.47 
Cheogh 8. huhti, 2013 13.48 
Run steam with "STEAM_FRAME_FORCE_CLOSE=1 steam"
blackout24 8. huhti, 2013 16.35 
Yes that works. I prefer the default setting, since the tray menu taks 1-2 seconds to load each time before it pops up. I'm also on KDE 4.10.2.
[LINUX]Letik 9. maalis 17.12 
For the ones (like me) who are trying to make this happening on a launcher, just go to the properties and add that before everything in the command line
Fibbles 9. maalis 18.46 
Or you can add this to the end of your .profile in your home folder:

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