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=(e)=™Drunken_Brewmaster 2013年3月28日 11時23分
CS:Source/DOD:Source(beta) Linux Microstudder
I am having some issues with cs:source and dod:source it plays at a good framerate but i have slight microstudder and slowdowns, I know its not mouse related because strafing with the keyboard i still see slight jitter, I made a few settings changes such as disabling anti aliasing, multi core rendering and vsync in various combinations but the problem seems to still persist.
Any suggestions appreciated.

I am running Slackware 14.0 x64 with alienbobs multilib, kernel 3.3 configured for amd64/numa.
Hardware config: Dual Dual-Core Opteron 285's @2.6ghz / 16GB PC3200 ECC / GTX260 / 10krpm 300GB WD. Chipset is Nvidia Nforce Professional 2200/2250.
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Thyriel 2013年3月28日 12時11分 
I would give a newer kernel a try, 3.3 is pretty old
=(e)=™Drunken_Brewmaster 2013年3月28日 16時41分 
its been a while since i updated kernel that could be part of it, ill give that a shot later
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