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Dragoon-UY 2013 03 月 26 @ 7:10下午
Ubuntu 13.04 Trying to make a new directory to install games!
I'm having trouble trying to make a new folder to put the games on my 1TB Hard Drive. I have my Home directory on my SSD, and so do I with steam. For some weird reason I can't make the directory, because when I do I get this weird looking window. As you can see on the picture
Sorry for the website to put the picture, I don't know of a better one.
最後修改者:Dragoon-UY; 2013 03 月 26 @ 7:11下午
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Thyriel 2013 03 月 27 @ 3:42上午 
Looks pretty strange :D
Have you tried adding a directory via game install instead ?
Dragoon-UY 2013 03 月 27 @ 4:09下午 
Yes I did and the samething happens.
=(e)=™Drunken_Brewmaster 2013 03 月 28 @ 11:14上午 
I might have the wrong idea about what your wanting but heres what I did, root unmount the 1TB, then edit /etc/fstab and change umask=000 for your data drive that will let programs execute off it, backup any steam games that are installed on your linux client delete local content, then when restoreing a backup it will ask you where you want to store your new game repository i just put mine on /mnt/750gig/linuxsteam (example) after that all games that you restore or install will go to that directory.
Here is my example line (/etc/fstab)
/dev/sdb1 /mnt/750gig ntfs-3g umask=000 1 0
This may help you it may not.
Thyriel 2013 03 月 28 @ 12:13下午 
I might have the wrong idea about what your wanting
sounds like ;)
His windows to choose the directory in steam is totally messed up and not useable if you look at the screenshot
Dragoon-UY 2013 03 月 28 @ 12:58下午 
Yes indeed. The window is messed up. But I'll try installing a game, backing it up, and restoring it, to a different drive. Maybe that window is not messed up.

EDIT: I think it works! I made a folder in the drive and I was able to click it and install. I made the folder manually.
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