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LA_MERC_MadMAX 2013 年 03 月 25 日 @ 下午 5 時 26 分
Postal 2
Hey all,
I bought Postal 2 today since it was on sale. I installed it, and when I ran it, it started in 800x600 disabling my second monitor in the process - when I tried to change the resolution, it froze up, and I couldn't free my Keyboard or Mouse - no alt-tab, or anything. I was able to switch to another VT where I killed the process w/ htop, but when I switched back to my desktop I was still only on one monitor, and 800x600 - rebooted, still 800x600. I had to go into nvidia-settings and reconfigure my displays.

I haven't tried to launch it again, but was wondering if anyone else owns this title and had any/similar problems.

I'm running Kubuntu 13.04 with nvidia-313 on a i7-3770/GTX560Ti
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Shark 2013 年 03 月 26 日 @ 上午 1 時 01 分 
You can change the resolution in one of the config files, probably something like settings.ini. I have the same problem with my second monitor in both Killing Floor and Postal 2. I guess the engine port is just old and bad.
Teisei 2013 年 03 月 26 日 @ 上午 1 時 15 分 
Make the game run in windowed mode at first (instead of full screen). Once you get the game adequately configured, you can switch back to full screen mode.
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