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bOiNG 2013年3月21日上午5:57
TF2 Window Mode
Since upgrading to opensuse 12.3, TF2 starts in window mode. My resolution is correctly set at 1920x1080.

What has changed?
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SUSEd 2013年3月21日上午6:11 
Only starts? Can you change graphics settings? After game restarting it resets?
I also upgraded but game works good for me.
bluenoser 2013年3月21日上午6:48 
When you say your resolution is set correct do you mean your systerm resolution or game resolution?
I had a similar issue with CS 1.6 all I had to do was go to the game that was causing the issue, right click go to properties, set launch options then entered.
-w 1920 -h 1080
bOiNG 2013年3月21日上午7:45 
This is steam running at 1920x1080 (set in game)

This is steam running with the launch option set to 1920x1080:
SUSEd 2013年3月21日上午7:55 
When TF2 window is not active it automatically become 800x600 like on 2nd screenshot.
最后由 SUSEd 编辑于; 2013年3月21日上午7:55
bOiNG 2013年3月21日上午8:13 
I never had this problem before I installed 12.3. I've tried using the -window option but it does not result in full screen.
bOiNG 2013年3月21日上午8:16 
The first screenshot does show tf2 running at the proper resolution. If the window border and my desktop panel were hidden, everything would be fine.
SUSEd 2013年3月21日上午8:49 
Dumb question.
Did you changed this setting?
Cheogh 2013年3月21日上午10:21 
system settings > desktop effects > advanced
compositing type: opengl
qt graphics system: native

Or something else. Only thing I could think of.
最后由 Cheogh 编辑于; 2013年3月21日上午10:24
bOiNG 2013年3月21日下午6:52 
引用自 SUSEd
Dumb question.
Did you changed this setting?

引用自 SUSEd
Dumb question.
Did you changed this setting?

I changed it but the problem persists.
[Tux]gotsanity 2013年3月22日下午7:00 
I would check and make sure your launch options doesnt have anything set in it (right click on tf2 in the steam library, go to properties, then click on launch options)
Doc Holliday 2013年3月23日上午12:53 
what gpu and drivers you have? you may need to reinstall the drivers
bOiNG 2013年3月24日上午11:06 
I'm sure there is nothing wrong with my graphics driver as regnum online uses the correct resolution. This problems appears to only affect steam.
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