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rudeboyskunk 2013年3月16日上午8:18
Vote on Greenlight for Machines at War 3, tell them you want a Linux version

This beautiful-looking game, "Machines at War 3" is on Greenlight. They say that if there is enough demand for a Linux version, they will make a Linux version. Go vote for it and LEAVE A COMMENT on their Greenlight page telling them you'll buy it if they make a Linux version!!!
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rudeboyskunk 2013年3月16日上午8:23 
[dirrty]gsharp 2013年3月16日下午12:59 
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Broken link? Got this from Greenlight section:


Sorry about the deleted the post. I orginally got an "error code -101" when I used your link. Shortly after posting mine, I tried your link again and it worked. Go figure.
Isotope 244 2013年3月18日上午3:27 
Thanks for posting this, your support is appreciated :)
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