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fac3l3ss 2013年10月19日上午4:50
Dosbox games on Steam
With games like "7th Guest" and "I have no mouth, I must scream" it is possible to buy and play classic pc games through steam on linux. This opens up the possibility of steam offering a catalogue of classic games like gog for linux gamers. What games from DOS era would you like to see on steam for linux?
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Sirik 2013年10月19日上午4:56 
All the Original Quake and DOOM games would be a nice boost to my linux library!
aliceif 2013年10月19日上午5:26 
Space Quest, King's Quest and all the other Sierra adventure games series.
Elros 2013年10月19日下午3:11 
Lost Eden
The Drunk Otter 2013年10月19日下午4:12 
eeeh... can't you just download them and use the dosbox version that comes with your system ?
aliceif 2013年10月19日下午4:19 
Of course we can. But it is just unnecessary work the publishers could easily do for us. Which is why we should tell them to do the whole DosBox configuration thing for us.
(Guess why none of my DOS Steam games have no or near-to-no playtime. It is because I use ... a not outdated version of DosBox!)
最后由 aliceif 编辑于; 2013年10月19日下午10:51
fac3l3ss 2013年10月21日下午2:32 
would love to see Gabriel Knight and the Tex Murphy games available for download for linux. Of course the alternative is to download from gog and use dosbox directly.
Stoney_Fish 2014年1月19日上午6:01 
Star Wars Dark Forces
LOLCAT 2014年1月19日上午9:44 
引用自 aliceif
Guess why none of my DOS Steam games have no or near-to-no playtime. It is because I use ... a not outdated version of DosBox!
You can always overwrite the Steam version or use symlinks to get the playtime recorded and still keep the more recent version.
phillippi2 2014年1月19日下午1:36 
I would love to see a Dosbox version of Mechwarrior 1, 2, and Mercenaries (mw2 mercenaries, that is). I know there is a windows version of MW2, but it has had too many problems from release. Not to mention it's a heck of a lot easier to get the game running on Dosbox in my experience.
Jamie F 2014年1月19日下午1:43 
The irony is it would take almost 0 effort for them to just include the linux version of Dosbox in the game and just update it to download from linux the config files for dosbox between windows and linux are pretty much identical.
|B4ST4RDS| Sophia♥ 2014年1月24日上午4:55 
I actually just came to this forum to put up a post about this topic; the old MS-DOS games available through Steam are launched in Windows through DosBox anyways, so they should theoretically run in the same manner.
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