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der_beni Dec 23, 2013 @ 12:29am
Two PS3 controllers connected via USB identified as one
I'm currently trying to get 2 PS3 controllers (that are connected via USB) to work on my Ubuntu 12.04 machine. For most games this works out-of-the-box but some games such as Shutter identify the two controllers as being only one. I found out that in the "Shatter-case" the "Bus-Vendor-Product-Version" information that is provided by e.g. cat /proc/bus/input/devices is used to identify the gamepad (which is identical for the both controllers):

I: Bus=0003 Vendor=054c Product=0268 Version=0111 N: Name="Sony PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller"

There is a config file for Shatter (~/.sidhe/Shatter/data/profiles/default_plr_profile.xml) that stores the information like this:


Do you have any ideas how I could work around this (maybe changing the "Product"-id or something like that for one controller)?
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der_beni Jan 1, 2014 @ 9:07am 
Switching to xboxdrv solved at least part of the problem. The controllers work for most games now (except "Shatter"). I'm running xboxdrv with the following command:

sudo /usr/bin/xboxdrv --daemon --detach-kernel-driver --mimic-xpad --next-controller --mimic-xpad

Could be that it's actually a bug in the Shatter code - I will post in the respective forum asking for help there.
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