Steam for Linux

Steam for Linux

AWFordJr Mar 30, 2014 @ 5:08pm
Ubuntu / 2nd HDD

I need a reply from someone who knows & understand best how Linux works & would greatly appreciate it if you do not reply with random bs if you don’t know what your talking about.


So I have a 64GB SSD SATA III that I use as my primary master disk for my operating system only, and hardware drivers. I have 8 2TB SATA II drives that I use for files, backups, games, etc... I want to set it so that my steam games run from one of the 8 2TB drives but I do not see drive letters in the listing where its setup in the steam settings. Because I am not familiar with the Linux based file systems I need to get someone that is to help me set this up. Perhaps there is a way to merge or setup more space for my Ubuntu to use on the 2TB, but I want to keep my partition as is which was for Windows as I do share the drive with other computers that run a windows bases operating system.

Can tis be done? If so how? What do I need to do? When you reply remember I am not familiar with the Linux file system therefore I am a noob & need step by step instructions.

Thank you for your time & reading,

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AWFordJr Mar 30, 2014 @ 5:26pm 
Well I guess there is no need for this now... As I found when you click on a game you want to install if asks where to install it. Very useful, Valve your awesome once again! Anyone else that may have this same question, here ya go!
SamCoupe Mar 31, 2014 @ 4:23pm 
you need to say what version of linux you're using. If you're on Ubuntu:

create a folder in your home directory called: steam_library
open dash, type:
press enter
find the partition you want to mount (might not be easy since you don't have the drive letters)
click the little double gear icon and select "mount options"
turn off automatic mount options
uncheck "show in user interface"
check "mount at startup"
change the mount point to something like:
click OK
reboot (just to check everything happens automatically as you expect)

Now in steam you should be able to set that /home/YOUR_USERNAME/steam_library as your steam library folder (under downloads in settings)
EDIT: you might want to create a subfolder inside here and put the steam library in there... this will be the root of the windows partition, like going to d:\ in windows which probably isn't what you want)

I don't know if you won't run into some permissions problems. You might want to consider shrinking one of the windows partitions (in disk management in windows) and then using disks to create a dedicated linux partition on it. There aren't many big linux games at the moment so 100GB is probably plenty for now.

You shouldn't really share steam libraries between windows and linux so all you're loosing is 100GB of space for windows.

The way you've done it works (obviously) but you have to remember to mount the windows drive every time you boot and it's also not guaranteed to always mount to the same place (though usually it will).
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