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Beλttie Mar 30, 2014 @ 10:44am
Cannot run CSGO server as non root? [FIXED] - SEE FIRST POST!
Hello all,

I have created a user called steam and have installed a csgo server, now if i run the server using 'root' under usual settings for instance ./srcds_run -game csgo -console -usercon +game_type 0 +game_mode 0 +mapgroup mg_bomb +map de_dust the server launches and all works fine, although i do get the warning saying root is bad.

anyway if i try those same settings but as the 'steam' user the server goes to launch then gets the following errors

[S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed.
./srcds_run: line 318: 9449 Segmentation fault $HL_CMD
Add "-debug" to the ./srcds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem
Sun Mar 30 19:29:00 CEST 2014: Server restart in 10 seconds

i have done the debug and the file doesn't seem to be generated.

here are some system details,

Operating system: Ubuntu Linux 12.04.3
Webmin version: 1.680
Kernel and CPU Linux 3.10.9-xxxx-grs-ipv6-64 on x86_64
Processor information Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz, 8 cores

it appears other are having the same issue with no joy,

Sorry if this is the wrong location for such a post

------------------------------------ [UPDATE] ------------------------------

CRASH: Sat Apr 5 03:17:24 CEST 2014
Start Line: ./srcds_linux -game csgo -usercon -strictportbind -tickrate 128 +map de_dust2 +servercfgfile csgo-server.cfg -maxplayers_override 32 +mapgroup random_classic +game_mode 0 +game_type 0 +host_workshop_collection +workshop_start_map -authkey -debug
[New LWP 15213]
[New LWP 15216]
[New LWP 15217]
[New LWP 15214]
[New LWP 15218]
#0 0xe9d942f2 in ?? ()
End of Source crash report
and the actual error from the server boot

./srcds_run: line 318: 13907 Segmentation fault (core dumped) $HL_CMD
BFD: Warning: /home/steam/serverfiles/core is truncated: expected core file size >= 450633728, found: 1069056.
Cannot access memory at address 0xeb792908
Cannot access memory at address 0xeb792904
debug.cmds:1: Error in sourced command file:
Cannot access memory at address 0xff95d000
email debug.log to
Sat Apr 5 03:07:28 CEST 2014: Server restart in 10 seconds

-------------------------------------------- [FIXED] -----------------------------------------
My server is hosted by OVH and when i choose my installation settings i choose to use OVH s own Linux Kernel which it suggests when installing Ubuntu 12.04, this is where the error kind of arose from because it turns out this kernel has grsecurity running on it, now i don't know anything about this so to solve the solution i wiped my Linux server and re installed using the general Linux kernel for Ubuntu 12.04 rather than the recommended OVH one.

The grsecurity program restricts memory used and possibly other stuff for security reasons, hence why i could run the server fine as root ans not the steam user.

as i say i know nothing about grsecurity so, if you cannot change your kernel i don't know what you can do other then research possible ways to change the grsecurity permissions for non root users?

I hope this help,
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serge Mar 30, 2014 @ 11:22am 
maybe your steam user didn't have the rights to execute all the files.
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Beλttie Apr 4, 2014 @ 6:31pm 
--------------------- [FIXED] ------------------------
See first post!
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