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Sirik 2014年2月4日上午1:38
ReVeN - Metroid style game for Linux!
Hey Guys,
There is a great new looking game on kickstarter and greenlight called ReVeN.
It is really close to being funded! It will be available on PC, MAC, Linux and Wii U.

SyRek is 400 year old android war veteran and one of the last surviving member of The Exanimen; they were part of the highly successful espionage program: Project SyPhos. He's a highly Specialized war machine, who was given the ability to think on his own without the use of a hive mind network. SyRek's central processor is 1.618 times more powerful than a human brain, which gives him faster cognitive response time and a vastly superior intellect. He also has the ability to materialize his gun whenever he pleases. He always has a free arm to handle any situation that is thrown at him that would require his second arm. Hex Tech is the corporation that invented the technology to digitally materialize real metals to form weapons or even store them as data in the EDM module on SyReks back. This gives him the advantage of having multiple weapons without having to actually carry them. SyRek, played a role in shutting down a 100 year rebellion between earth and it's sister colony planets. SyRek disappeared towards the end of the war only to resurface when news of Nexum Station's blackout reached earth. Stealing an EG space transport he was last reported seen heading in the direction of Nexum in search of something or someone.
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Sirik 2014年2月4日下午1:00 
This kickstarter is almost funded.. only a little more to go!
New Add-on rewards are available..
Sirik 2014年2月4日下午2:33 
This project is now Funded!
Still many stretch goals to go in the next 18 days!
FutureSuture 2014年2月11日上午8:59 
This does look interesting. I have never played a Metroid game but possess great love for Castlevania. Hope this ends up being a great game.
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