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iKursed 2014年2月1日下午4:28
Need Help
So basically, I have this problem of whenever I play a game through steam, I often receive notifications like, "a friend is online" or "you have received an item", and as soon as I receive these notifications I get really laggy, and my game basically becomes unplayable, and I usually have to proceed to restarting the game.
I was wondering how to fix this problem, or get rid of all notifications, to be able to avoid this problem.
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Lord Battlesheep 2014年2月1日下午4:34 
Try to disable "Enable Steam Community in games" in settings.
iKursed 2014年2月1日下午4:41 
Thanks! I've actually done that, but haven't checked if it works just yet.
[Linux] Junior s2 Camila 2014年2月1日下午5:12 

I had almost the same problem and the solution was to downgrade the graphics quality in-game. For example, "Texture Detail" on Medium will never cause problems and I can use In-Game Community.
iKursed 2014年2月1日下午5:30 
I'll give that a try as well :D
Thanks for the help :D
最后由 iKursed 编辑于; 2014年2月1日下午5:30
-FwG- ^ Bucky 2014年2月1日下午6:33 
You can turn off individual notifications in the Steam settings.
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