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iKursed 2014年2月1日 16時28分
Need Help
So basically, I have this problem of whenever I play a game through steam, I often receive notifications like, "a friend is online" or "you have received an item", and as soon as I receive these notifications I get really laggy, and my game basically becomes unplayable, and I usually have to proceed to restarting the game.
I was wondering how to fix this problem, or get rid of all notifications, to be able to avoid this problem.
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Kranky K. Krackpot Sr. 2014年2月1日 16時34分 
Try to disable "Enable Steam Community in games" in settings.
iKursed 2014年2月1日 16時41分 
Thanks! I've actually done that, but haven't checked if it works just yet.
[Linux] Junior s2 Camila 2014年2月1日 17時12分 

I had almost the same problem and the solution was to downgrade the graphics quality in-game. For example, "Texture Detail" on Medium will never cause problems and I can use In-Game Community.
iKursed 2014年2月1日 17時30分 
I'll give that a try as well :D
Thanks for the help :D
最近の変更はiKursedが行いました; 2014年2月1日 17時30分
-FwG- ^ Bucky 2014年2月1日 18時33分 
You can turn off individual notifications in the Steam settings.
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