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Pawman 2014年1月26日上午4:53
Play on Linux and Steam.
Hi. I have a problem with windows Steam. I successfully download 100 mb of updates and pass to login screen. Next I type my log and pass and press "login". Steam require to paste verification code that sent to my email. I paste it and press OK. Further, nothing happens. Verification window just disappears
My distr is kubuntu 13.10 .
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SicilianCapo 2014年1月26日上午8:14 
Are you having a problem with Steam on Windows or Ubuntu?
KingForKings 2014年1月29日上午9:18 
? That's my question too and it's strange, because it's working in Dual-Boot on my PC
Pawman 2014年1月30日上午5:40 
I used PlayOnlinux and Steam was started.
640kB 2014年1月30日上午6:18 
Which version of wine are you using?
Pawman 2014年2月2日上午6:30 
Bug with steam fixed at 1.7.8 and later.
Revernus 2014年2月2日下午12:01 
I'm using Steam for OpenSUSE and it's working just fine.
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