skeletonfish Jan 28 @ 8:53pm
this package is uninstallable
im tring to install steam on a fresh debian computer. ive downloaded the .deb from the steam website but when i right click on it and hit open with software install in comes up with the error message
"this package is uninstallable"
"dependancy is not satisfiable: libc6 (>= 2.15)"

how do i fix this?
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phillippi2 Jan 28 @ 9:05pm 
I'm not sure (not too experienced with debian outside of ubuntu) but can you set the .deb file as an executable?
skeletonfish Jan 28 @ 9:11pm 
i have done so and no diffrence
Kamilko47 Jan 28 @ 9:36pm 
What distro? Jessie?
Version of libc6?
skeletonfish Jan 28 @ 9:39pm 
debain 7.3 32bit
version of libc6? what is this
Kamilko47 Jan 28 @ 9:40pm 
In wheezy is very hard to install steam.
Upgrade do jessie - no problems :)
Kamilko47 Jan 28 @ 9:41pm 
In wheezy libc6 is to old.
skeletonfish Jan 28 @ 9:42pm 
could you post a download link?
Kamilko47 Jan 28 @ 9:44pm 
You must edit Your /etc/apt/sources.list and place a jessie repo.
Then "aptitude update && aptitude upgrade"

Or simple reinstall os with debian testing (jessie)
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skeletonfish Jan 28 @ 9:44pm 
im a n00b
Kamilko47 Jan 28 @ 9:46pm 
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skeletonfish Jan 28 @ 9:47pm 
thx a ton
Kamilko47 Jan 28 @ 9:55pm 
When You have a jessie, You can simple install steam via command:
aptitude install steam :)
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