VashTS544 Aug 25 @ 8:40pm
Faster Linux Download Servers
The title says it all. <5KB/S is unacceptable for this type of service.
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Black Blade Aug 25 @ 10:05pm 
Try to maybe change the download server you using? by me it downloads on the highest speed of download i can get
aiusepsi Aug 26 @ 3:08am 
I assume you're talking about the speed of game downloads? Steam doesn't have separate servers for each platform / OS. If you're experiencing speeds that are that bad, there's probably some sort of problem closer to your end.
|NAC²| D.Cent Aug 26 @ 11:13am 
Actually I have these problems myself. While running Steam in wine, I get around 3,0 MByte/s download speed (it could be 6,0 with my connection, but nvm).
Using Steam for Linux, I often don't even get a third of this speed.
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