andrewdbuilder Mar 19 @ 2:18pm
Penumbra:Requiem - Mystery Level?
You know when you select a game from your Steam list it sometimes shows a screenshot from the game behind the play button?

Well, when I select Penumbra Requiem, sometimes it shows this image:

Now, I've played through the game a few times and not once did I ever come across a level like this. Is this a secret level? Or is it more likely a screenshot from another game that was mistakenly put under Requiem.

I'd just like some confirmation.
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SpiringZero Mar 21 @ 1:19pm 
I think its just art that Frictional Games put in.
Forgivable Jul 3 @ 12:38am

Sorry that it's in French, but you can find your mystery level there ;) it's about some Frictionnal game project aout a game taking place in a Spannish Castle, nothing to do with Penumbra iI don't know how this artwork get into Requiem
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