Age of Empires II: HD Edition
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The AoE II ultimate "bug spray"
โดย Captain Awesome
For those who find those weird bugs on Age of Empires II comes an ultimate walktrough / guide to try to complete all the campaigns. Note: This is a work in progress!...
Mod the music! | Change la Musique! | Cambia la musica! | Zmeňte si hudbu (SK)
โดย Azaяias-12
This is a simple but useful guide on how to customise AOE II HD horrible music... Ceci est une guide très simple de comment remplacer l'horrible musique de AOE II HD par la tienne... Esta es una guia muy simple de como cambiar la horrible musica de AOE I...
AoE 2 Guide App
โดย _Vengineer_
An advanced guide for age of empires 2. It provides helpful tips and entertaining features. This Guide is to be installed to Android Devices Only at the moment. ...
Dealing with Persian douches
โดย Happy Little Tree
Primarily focusing on the Persian douche, follow these simple steps to turn the game on their face....
Start the game and basic rules .
โดย WarLords=
Первое и самое главное правило касающиеся всех стратегий - развитие вашего города,государства . Второе - разведка или же получение как можно наиболее глобальной и стоящей информации о противнике . Третье - выбор государства, это огромное умение понимания ч...
The best AoE "Cheat Sheet" (No actual cheats)
โดย Jineapple
All the info you'll need on just a few pages! An overview of all units with all hidden attack bonuses and armors. In addition there's civ bonus overviews and tech trees. Print it out or have it on a second monitor and you'll have a quick reference for near...
[NEW] How to submit Scenarios to the Steam Workshop
โดย Barnard
This guide will show you how to correctly submit your Age of Empires 2 HD scenarios to the Steam Workshop....
Расы, их плюсы и минусы
В этом руководстве, я расскажу про каждую расу. ...
Command Line Parameters/ Chat Commands/ AI Taunts/ Misc. Shortcuts
โดย Zetnus
This guide lists command line parameters, chat commands, AI taunts and miscellaneous keyboard shortcuts. Most of these things were unfortunately only poorly documented (for example, scattered across various patch notes or developer comments) so this guide...
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